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CEC - Working Women in European Chemical Industry (June 2014)



Within the framework of the European project "Promoting Women’s Leadership" co-financed by the European Commission, from last 25th and 27th June a Conference was organized by CEC European Managers together with its three project partners (Eurocadres, CFE-CGC and Ledarna) on the state of women in managerial positions and possible measures to increase their share.

The Conference, which gathered in Cannes more than 100 participants from 19 different European countries, offered CEC European Managers and its project partners the opportunity to disclose the first preliminary results of the two researches that are currently being performed as a part of the project. The first one is a study by Professor Linda Senden, from the University of Utrecht, aiming at assessing the current situation of women’s representation in managerial positions and the effectiveness of legislative and non-legislative provisions on the topic of female representation; the second, a collection of case studies, compiled by Mirella Visser from the Center of Inclusive Leadership, based on interviews covering the initiatives adopted at company level to reconcile professional and private life of high-level female managers.

 Other speakers to the Conference included CEC President, Annika Elias; representatives from CEC European Managers’ member associations and project partners (Marisa Montegiove from CIDA, Italy; Ellen Landberg and Anna Thoursie from Ledarna, Sweden; Martin Jefflen from Eurocadres; Chris-tophe Lefevre from CFE-CGC), experts from the business environment and consultants on manage-ment issues (Ina Wietheger from Roland Berger, Sabine M

 ller from DPDHL, Fons Trompenaars from THT), representatives of European agencies (Isabella Biletta from Eurofound) and European social partners (Claudia Menne from ETUC). The presence of such a diverse pool of speakers, as well as the variety of the presentations and contributions provided greatly encouraged the discussions among participants, fuelling intense debates and a continuous exchange of ideas.

The final results of the study and collection of case studies will be made available before the end of the year; a dedicated website ( is already online, where further updates on the advancement of the projects will be soon published (including all relevant presentations and conference materials). Finally, a special issue of our Newsletter, entirely dedicated to the Conference, will be published at the end of July. We invite you to visit the website regularly and disseminate it among your contacts and affiliates.

Brussels, 30 June 2014




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